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Provision of Extension Services to Local Farmers

The company provides valuable agricultural knowledge and guidance to local farmers, helping them improve their farming techniques, crop yields, and overall productivity. These extension services include advice on best practices, pest and disease management, and crop rotation strategies with advanced technology.

Farm Planning and Management

Farm Tech Harvest Ltd assists farmers in planning and managing their farms effectively. This involves optimizing land use, crop selection, and resource allocation to maximize the efficiency and profitability of farming operations.

Capacity Building and Advisory

The company offers training programs and advisory services to enhance the skills and knowledge of farmers especially youth and women. These programs cover various aspects of agriculture, including modern farming techniques, financial management, and market access strategies.

Empowering Young and Women Agri-preneurs

Farm Tech Harvest Ltd is dedicated to promoting inclusivity in agriculture by empowering young and female entrepreneurs. We provide mentorship and support networks to help these individuals establish and grow their agricultural businesses, fostering innovation and sustainability in the sector.

Sustainable Practices

With a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility, the company promotes sustainable farming practices that minimize resource waste and reduce the ecological footprint of agriculture in Rwanda. This includes promoting organic farming methods, forestry and agro-forestry practices and responsible land management.

Farmers’ Cooperative Management

The company recognising the importance of cooperation in agricultural development, we offer specialised services to help farmers form and manage cooperatives effectively. By promoting collaboration, we aim to strengthen the collective bargaining power of farmers and foster inclusive growth.

Market Access

The company facilitates market access for farmers by connecting them with buyers and marketplaces through online platforms and digital market analysis tools. This helps farmers achieve better prices for their produce and improves overall food security.

Research and Development

Continuous research and development are integral to Farm Tech Harvest Ltd's operations. The company work closely with local research institutions to create tailor-made solutions that address the unique challenges faced by local farmers.

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